Development Land

Residential Land

Buying Florida land is a much better investment vehicle than any other type of investment.  Even with the onslaught of hurricanes a few years back, the value of Florida land was able to roll with the punches (so to speak.) 

There is a lot of Florida land for sale near the ocean and even more investment land for sale in Florida throughout the State.  Whether you are looking to invest in Florida land to build a house, a ranch or a vacation home, investing in Florida land is always a good investment and will increase in value for years to come. 

Development land for Multifamily Communities

The demand for rental property spans the total multifamily range, from assisted living communities to luxury style communities and government subsidized housing.  There has clearly been a demographic shift which has more and more people renting property and investors have taken notice.  Both developers and investors are seeing the future of multifamily appreciating in value.  This change in perspective appears to be permanent for at least the next few years.
We have the experience and the tools to locate the right Florida investment property for both developers and investors at every level.

Why should you invest in Land?

Most people think investing in land is only for big-time real estate developers looking to buy large parcels of land for commercial development or the subdivisions of homes. What they don’t realize is that investing in land can be a very sound investment strategy and is a viable opportunity for most investors, both large and small.

The Advantages of Investing in Land

Real estate investors looking for land investment prospects are finding pre-construction planned developments to be an excellent opportunity. Now with the real estate market in decline, many bargain buying opportunities exist.

With the majority of land projects being in primary and secondary home locations, a smart investor gains the benefit of being in a desirable neighborhood location with only a small percentage of other investors (less tenants and more owners means more stability.)

Real estate experts agree that the long-term outlook for the second home market is still strong; even stronger then the primary home market.

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