For Sellers

What’s Next on Your Yellow Brick Road?

When you sell a property, many realtors see that as the end of the road, the end of the transaction. That is never the case.  You may be asking yourself:  Where am I going next?  What do I want to accomplish? What are the dreams and hopes are associated with this transaction?

Seamless and Stress Free Real Estate Transactions

The process of realizing your goals whether it is to cash out or downsize, upgrading or relocating, we can make the process as seamless and stress free as possible.  Why go to several different people and tell you story over and over?  We can help.

Extensive Experience makes the Difference

Because of our extensive experience with a variety of different property types and situations and because we know Florida, we are the best realtors to assist you through this new phase of your life’s journey.

Want to be Treated Better?

Are you tired of getting a recorded messge asking for you to spell your name out?  Have you had it with not being able ot get through to your realtor because they don’t work after hours or on weekends?

We are the Solution

We are your solution and we want your business.  Call us today so we can sit down and discuss your plans.  We are here to help. 

Call Chet or Elaine Today at 561-204-3445

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